More that 50% is foreigner residents ~Living in a global life~

In this time, I also stayed a night in a shared house in Kanagawa prefecture, First House Mizonokuchi 100+b.

What do you think when you hear Mizonokuchi?

To be honest, I don’t know anything about Mizonokuchi. I just thought it is rural area in Kanagawa prefecture. I am so sorry for those who live in Mizonokuchi.

However, When I got to Mizonokuchi Station, I was supprised!

The station is large, there is a 24/7 grocery shop, a shopping street and shopping mall such as NOCTY Plaza. Here is very convenient area to live.

Moreover, although here is in Kanagawa prefecture, it is easy to go to Tokyo!

It takes 20 minutes to Oimachi Station and 15 minutes Shibuya Station without transfer. Also, it is closed to Futakotamagawa and Musashikosugi.

When you go through a shopping street, you can see a residential area.

A commercial area is very flourishing and a residential area is very quiet, so it is the best to live. This is First House Mizonokuchi 100+b.

There is A building and B building which makes multinational shared house.

This shared house is composed by A building and B building.

When you go straight from the station, this is A building.

When you come to an alley, this is B building.

It takes 3 minutes on foot from A building to b building, so you can come both of buildings freely. Therefore, a resident have joint party.

It looks so fun. As you can know from pictures above, this is a multinational shared house. Some residents I met today are from Russia, France, China, Philippines, German and Korea. Actually, I can’t speak English, but it is not big issue here because someone translate for me. So, even if you can’t speak English, Chinese and French, it is no problem. You don’t need to give up communicating with a foreigner. You can get help to communicate with them. It is a very nice relationship.

However, everyone already acquires Japanese, so basically, they communicate in Japanese.

Always surprise is fail!?!? I joined a birthday party!

When I enter the B building...

Today is a birthday party! It is good opportunity to make a report.

When I entered the B building, there is a pool table. There is it because of a shared house with a large living room. At first, I enjoyed playing a pool with Aoki from my company.

Aoki wrote an interview article of a foreign resident. You can check the article!

While we enjoyed playing a pool, many delicious dishes were brought here.

These dishes were made by residents. Not only women but also men made it, so there are men who are good at cooking.

When a party is held, one person brings one dish or snacks. So, it is easy to join!

The table was set, so I thought the birthday party will start. However, there is still time to start it, I interviewed a resident living in the A building.

1 hour later

As you can know from the pictures above, the birthday party is already started…

I missed a main event today. I may not be a reporter.

However, a kind resident sent me a photo of the birthday party. This is it.

I wanted to celebrate birthday girl together.

By the way, I noticed one thing.

This is a photo that Aoki talked with a resident during preparing a birthday party.

This is the party’s photo.

The birthday girl is already there during preparing the party. Is this surprising party succeeded?haha

This is not success. They hold a surprising party even they know it is not a surprising party.

A birthday party is held regularly, but it has never been succeeded.

Then, I asked a fail story.

Even we decide the day to celebrate, a main person never come back home until next day.

A main person was asked “Who is today’s birthday”.

We misunderstand the date of birthday.※This is kind of surprising.

There are many funny stories.

I am looking forward to hearing success story in the future.

Anyway, it is a happy thing that a housemate say “Happy birthday”.

When you are student, a classmate and a friend celebrate your birthday. However, when you are not a student, people who celebrate your birthday are a few. When you are an adult, everybody doesn’t ask the date of birthday, so many people don’t know each other’s birthday. I think it is natural.

To celebrate each other’s birthday.

This is a special thing of a shared house because they live together in a same house.

What is an attractive point of a multinational shared house?

The most attractive point of First Shared House Mizonokuchi 100+b is a multinational shared house. In this time, through staying a night in the shared house, I am going to introduce an attractive point of a multinational shared house.

No.1 You can eat many dishes of many countries.

As you can know from pictures above, there are many residents who are good at cooking. So, they often serve home country food each other.

Christophe who is from France makes a fried rice with a wine! Even it is a same dish, how to cook is a little bit different from each country. You seldom get a lecture of foreign country food from a foreigner. So, this house is very good for people who like cooking.

No.2 Motivation to study goes up.

A foreign resident has a passion to study Japanese and to work in Japan, so they always tend to know about Japan.

For example, if they meet a new Japanese word they don’t know, they try to improve their Japanese by asking how to use and what it means. I came to want to study another language without first language by seeing such a foreign attitude. Moreover, there are many teachers here. This shared house is the best place to study another language.

No.3 Everyone accepts each other’s value.

Various values gather here because this is multinational shared house.

When I stayed a night, Russian resident laughed at Japanese man name because it is weird in Russia. Japanese man didn’t feel good. But, he didn’t get angry. He taught the Russian guy that you shouldn’t laugh at person’s name and there is a such a name in Japan.

“Because country is different” “Because gender is different” “Because age is different”

These reasons are not good. Everyone respects each other as a one of human and understands each other. I am so impressed. A manager living here together also says so.

In a multinational shared house, there are many those who have various background. Sometimes, each value face against, but the important thing is to accept each other’s value.

I am so impressed about that they think that such a attitude is important.

A multinational shared house, First House Mizonokuchi 100+b, is composed by A building and B building.

If you are interested in this shared house, please come to view just once! Everyone is so kind and nice, so you are welcomed!

Share House DATA

NAMEFirst House Mizonokuchi 100+b
Rent60,000 ~ 66,000 yen
Utility cost12,000 yen
Number of rooms40 rooms
AccessDenentoshi Line "Mizonokuchi"station 13 minutes walk