Make Lots of Friends + Improve Your Language Skills = International Shared House

Hello, everyone. I am Motoki. Today, I had good opportunity to interview Christophe who wears a nice JAWS T- shirt. I asked him many questions about a life in a shared house and in Japan. So, I hope that you understand and how much fun actual shared house life is and you think a shared house as one of choices when you think of moving.

1) Introduction
2) The Reason why He Came to Japan and Decided to Live in a Shared House.
3) Life in This Shared House
4) Information of the Shared House

1) Introduction

Motoki: Could you introduce about yourself?

Christophe: Hello. I am Christophe. I am from France. I work for IT fashion company. It has been two and a half years since I came to Japan. I had lived in a shared house in Kyoto for a year, and then I moved to this shared house. So, I have been here for a year and a half years.

2) The Reason why He Came to Japan and Decided to Live in a Shared House.

Motoki: Why did you come to Japan?

Christophe: I was engaged with a Japanese woman. That’s why I came to Japan. But, unfortunately I broke up with her. But, I still like Japan, so I am living in Japan and I am going to stay in Japan. I don’t have a plan to go back to my home country.

Motoki: Why did you decided to live in a shared house instead of living in a normal studio apartment?

Christophe: I have two reasons. First, when I was in France, I was lonely. Although it was good that I watched a movie after going back to home from work, I was lonely. But, there are always someone in a shared house, so I decided to live in a shared house. Now, I rarely have a dinner alone. When I got home, someone is always in the kitchen. So, I always have dinner with someone. Sometimes, we drink. It is so nice. Second, I thought that if I live in a shared house, I can make a Japanese friend, moreover I can practice to speak Japanese. Therefore, I choose a shared house. Actually, my Japanese became much better than before.

Motoki: Why did you choose this shared house among a lot of shared houses?

Christophe: I have also two reasons. First, I was searching for a shared house in the area of Denentoshi Line because almost all of companies I was looking for are located in Shibuya. So, it is easy to go there. Second, although there are many shared houses which a foreigner can live in, almost all of people who live there are a foreigner and few Japanese people. But, there are many Japanese people in this shared house. We have only about five foreigners including me. So, I speak Japanese almost all of time when I am here. That’s why I decided to live in this shared house.

3) Life in This Shared House

Motokii: How is your life in this shared house so far?

Christophe: It’s nice and I can relax.

Motoki: What do you do usually?

Christophe: I often stay in this living room. And, I study Japanese and have a chat with housemates. In average, there are about ten people here. So, you are never alone here.

Motoki: Do you hang out with housemates?

Christophe: Yes, I do. I often go to somewhere such as Shibuya and Mizonokuchi to eat out Japanese food and to go to Karaoke. I like to sing anime song. For example, I sing “ A Cruel Angel's Thesis”. And, sometimes I go to Shonan and Kamakura. And, next week I am going to Oktoberfest in Yokohama with one of foreigner housemates. Also, if our schedule works, we go to one-day trip. We went to Fuji-Q Highland which is a theme park and Hakone. I really like a hot spring because there is no a hot spring in France.

Motoki: Do you have a house party?

Christophe: Of course. We have a party twice or three times a month. And, today is one of housemates birthday, so we are going to celebrate her birthday! Some of housemates is preparing for the party now. A lot of housemates come to a party like at most 30 to 40 people. When it was my birthday, February, many people came to my party and it was so crowded. I got some presents such as wine and food. I had really great fun at that time and I was happy.

Motoki: There is a large kitchen. So, Do you usually cook?

Christophe: Yes, I do. If i am not very busy, I do. My best dish is fried rice although some of Japanese housemates say that it is not fried rice.

Motoki: What kind of people live?

Christophe: There are various people here. We have a student and an employee. Everybody has a different job. And, the youngest is 19 year old. In average, 25 year old. As for foreigners, they are from a different country such as Italy and Netherland. It’s so an international shared house. And, Men and Women is 50:50. Anyway, everybody is so nice!

Motoki: Is there a couple?

Christophe: Yes. They are in good relationship.

Through this interview, I realized that a shared house life is very fun. I came to want to live in a shared house. I think that his shared house life is what everyone is jealous of. If you want to have fun life, you should check a shared house. This kind of life doesn’t happen in a normal life. And, if you are interested in this shared house, you should check out below information.

4) Information

Share House DATA

HouseFirst House Mizonokuchi 100+a
Rent48,000~60,000 yen
Utility cost12,000 yen
Number of rooms62 rooms
AccessDenentoshi Line "Mizonokuchi"station 14 minutes walk