A fulfilling life of Indian man who got a job offer in Japan.

I gave an interview to Mohit who came from India. He changed a job because of getting a job offer in Japan. I can clearly see how he enjoys his work and free time in Japan. I am going to introduce you all why he can spend those fulfilling days.

Coming Japan because of job

Sari “Nice to meet you, I’m Sari.”
Mohit “Nice to meet you too. I’m Mohit.”
Sari “Could you introduce a little bit of yourself?”
Mohit “Sure. I came from India 1 year and 2 months ago because of my work in a job matching company between India and Japan. And, I like traveling and have been to Kamakura, Hatsushima in Japan. I have been living in this house since last October.”
Sari “Oh, because of the work? It is the first time to see someone who has that reason in my interviews!”
Mohit “Yes. Also I had interests in Japan for long time, because India and Japan has a good relationship.”

The reasons why he moved to a shared houses

Sari “Why did you decide to live in a shared house?”
Mohit “Well, I lived in a monthly mansion for the first 2 months, and I move to this house. The first one cost a lot and I felt so lonely. Getting information on the web and I went to preview of few houses.”
Sari “Hmm. why did you choose this house?”
Mohit “I love this big kitchen of this house because I like cooking. And this house was cleaned very well. These are the biggest reasons why I decide to live in.
Sari “I see. How is the management company like?”
Mohit “They are very nice. You know, there are many foreigners in this house, and they always write subtitles on posters for us that inform us anything important. And if I have any troubles, I just email to them. They are very responsible.”
Sari “That’s nice.”

In charge of marketing “Go Getters” to the world

Sari “Could you tell me more about your work in Japan?”
Mohit “OK. I work for an online educational company. I am in charge of marketing, especially expanding our business to other countries. I had got this job offer in Japan and changed the job.”
Sari “Really? Can I ask the name of the website?”
Mohit “Of course. It’s http://gogetterz.com/”
Sari ”Wow, looks very nice and interesting!”

Fulfilling holidays with hobbies and friends.

Sari “What do you do in holidays?”
Mohit “Well, I go out with friends or watch movies with share mates. I also like going out to take pictures. I belong a group of photography and we come together to take pictures once a month.”
Sari “Sounds interesting! How did you all meet?”
Mohit “We got to know each other on Instagram. My friend introduced me it.”
Sari “You said you were interested in Japan, and what do you like about Japan now?”
Mohit “I really like Japanese foods. I love Motsunabe, Tonkatsu, Okonomiyaki, and so on. Everything is great! It is very good to live in a shared house that I could learn how to cook Japanese food from share mates.”
Sari “Cool. How about Japanese people?
Mohit “Very nice. And Japanese girls are cute.”
Sari“Haha. I am happy to hear that. Do you want a girl friend in Japan?”
Mohit “Why not!?”

Living globally in the future

Sari “What are your future plans?”
Mohit “I will stay here at least 3 to 5 years and keep working for my current job. I would like to launch our business in India. And in the future I want to move another country. I’ve not decided though, I would like to go to the U.S or Germany.”

Usamah got a chance to come to Japan in his work and playing active role in making their business worldwide. I think his challenging mind makes his life enjoyable and fulfilling. If you are not able to make a decision of coming to a new country, Japan, you should probably follow the people like him to spend a unforgettable time in your lifetime.

Please check the followings if you are interested in Usamah’s house.

Ecoz Kameido

9minutes by train to Akihabara station from Kameido station, Sobu line. This house is popular from both Japanese and foreigners because of big Japanese style living room. You can enjoy traditional shopping street around this house.

Share House DATA

HouseEcoz Kameido
Rent39,000~48,000 yen
Utility cost12,000 yen
Number of rooms32 rooms
AccessTobu Kameido Line "Omurai"station 5 minutes walk