“Life is a challenge” ~My life is built from my own Choices~

Hello, everyone! I’m Harumi.
Today, I gave an interview with Ms. Wu who is from Taiwan. She is a cheerful and sociable.
When she was a student, she came to Japan and was captivated by Japanese culture.
I asked her about her life in Japan and attractions of shared houses.

Encountered with Japanese culture

____When did you first come over to Japan?

3 years ago, when I was a sophomore in college. I joined a trip to Japan that my friend asked me to join together. I still remember that time. The air was so clean in Japan. It was the best feeling that I’ve ever had. I enjoyed seasonal scenery, Japanese foods, shopping…
Then, I decided to study abroad in Japan.

____ How is the life in Japan so far?

It is amazing. I really enjoyed life in Japan. I realized Japan suits to me. In the beginning, I was planning to go back to Taiwan after graduating the college, but I changed my mind. I came to think, “I want live in Japan more!”

My life is built from my own choices!

____Did your parents agree with your idea?

To be honest….No. At that time, my parents strongly opposed to my plan. My parents wanted me to be a public servant because it is a guarantee of a stable life. But I think, “I would not do such a thing for the world!” Finally, I left my home and moved to Japan by myself. My life is build from my own choices!

Attractions of shared houses

____ Why did you choose shared houses to live in?

Because I don’t need to pay initial cost, deposit or gratuity fee. And I don’t need to find a surety who gives a security. Shared houses are really kind to foreigners. And another reason is… I wanted to live in a cute solitary house that I had watched in Japanese drama.

___ Do you get along with share mates?

Yes! Life in a shared house is much better than I expected. This house is “global”. Chinese, 4 Taiwanese, German and 2 Japanese are living together here. Share mates are very kind. Almost of them have some experiences of living in foreign countries, so we can understand each other’s cultural difference more easily. When I am in a trouble, they always help me. This house is really comfortable to live in.

When one of the share mates had a same trouble as me

___ What do you talk about with your share mates?

Usually, we talk about nothing special, like “Anything new today?”. But sometimes we talk seriously about our future. In this house, some share mates are still students, so they ask me for advice. Very recently, I heard one of share mates has a trouble with her parents. Her parents want her to get back to their county.

__What advice did you give to her?

I said, “Don’t worry! You can go on the path that you believe in!” and told my experience to her. At the beginning my parents opposed to my plan, but now, they seem to understand my way of life. Not only so, they are also attracted by Japanese cultures and visit Japan many times. My mother asked me to live in Kyoto next time. Do you know why? She just wants to visit Kyoto!! Haha

My irreplaceable memories

___What’s the most memorable thing in your shared house life?

Oh, It’s hard to choose one. At the beginning, there are only two people in this house. Just Me and another Taiwanese girl. Both of us love Jonney’s! (Japanese idle singers) Haha So, we held DVD party! We turned off the lights and watched ARASHI’s DVD on a big screen all over the night. It was really fun!! Now, 8 people live together, so we practiced temperance. Hahaha

The most enjoyable thing is when I go out with a few share mates. The last time, we went to hot spring resort near this house. After that, we went to AEON, a supermarket to get ingredient for the meal. Japanese girls taught me Japanese food and I taught them Taiwanese food. Isn’t it international?

Ms. Wu who took part in today’s interview is a very attractive woman. I’m so happy to hear that she really enjoyed her life in Japan. Not only so, she gave advice to her share mates as a good senior! She looked really reliable to me.
I learned how important to keep challenging and live own life!

Check the information of Ms. Wu’s house below!

Couverture Nishi-sugamo

The house is located near four stations including Nishigahara Yonchome. It is a 12-minute walk from Nishigahara station on the Nanboku Line and walking distance from JR stations Oji and Kami-Nakazato.
The quiet neighborhood is filled with various attractions and historic spots.
Enjoy the friendly and traditional atmosphere at the nearby public bath.

Share House DATA

HouseCouverture Nishi-sugamo
Rent54,000~60,000 yen
Utility cost13,000 yen
Number of rooms8 rooms
AccessArakawa Line "Nishigahara-4chome"station 4 minutes walk