A Cheerful Woman Living in Japanese Shared House as an Exchange Student from Germany

Hello everyone. I am Motoki. Today, I had good opportunity to interview Jing who is from China. I asked her many questions about a life in a shared house and Japan. Therefore, today I am going to introduce about how she feels her life in Japan and how much fun this shared house is. So, I hope you understand how fun is in a shared life and you think a shared house as one of choices when you think of moving.

1) Introduction
2) The Reason why She Came to Japan and Decided to Live in a Shared House
3) Life in the Shared House
4) Information

1) Introduction

Motoki: Could you introduce about yourself?

Jing: Hello, I am Jing. I am from China. I am currently a university student in German. I came to Japan a month ago as an exchange student from German university. It has been only a month in Japan. And, I major in international politics and business. So, I am taking 4 Japanese classes and these classes.

Motoki: How is your life in Japan so far?

Jing: So far, so good. But I haven’t experience many things and I am very busy now because I takes 9 classes totally such as International Business, Japanese classes (Writing, Speaking, Listening, Reading), Speech Communication and so on. So, there are a lot of assignments and I have to study hard. After I get used to this life, I want to hang out with my friends.

2) The Reason why She Came to Japan and Decided to Live in a Shared House.

Motoki: Why did you come to Japan?

Jing: As I said before, I am studying international politics and business and I can choose Chinese market or Japanese market. You know I am not Japanese, so I am interested in Japanese market. That’s why I chose Japan to understand Japanese market more deeply.

Motoki: Why did you decided to live in this shared house?

Jing: Although I was thinking to live a dorm of the university first, it is very expensive for me even though it has furniture and provides every meals from Monday to Friday. So, I was searching for an apartment, but it doesn’t have furniture and so on. I just will have lived for a year. After that, I am going to go back to German to graduate from my university. So, I don’t want to purchase furniture because it costs too much. Then, I went to an international department in the university to get an advice. Then, they recommended me this shared house because furniture is equipped and it is not expensive and closed to my university. It just takes 20 minutes. Moreover, living with Japanese people, it is going to be good opportunity to make friends and learn Japanese. In addition, I like a pool. There is a pool in the living room. That’s why I decided to live here.

3) Life in the Shared House

Motoki: How is your life in the shared house?

Jing: So far, so good. Everybody is so nice, so I live comfortably. And, I want to meet the rest of people I haven’t met yet.

Motoki: What kind of people live here?

Jing: I have not known all housemates yet because you know I have been here for just a month. But, every one I met here is so nice and kind. I am not good at speaking Japanese well. So, sometime I need time to think what I am going to speak in Japanese and I don't know how I should say something in Japanese. But, they wait for me, give an advice and translate for me. So, I can speak Japanese, not hesitating to say something in Japanese. Anyway, they are so nice. And, I think that this shared house is nice environment.

Motoki: Have you joined a house party?

Jing: Yes, I have. Just once. It was a curry party. It is just the thing we eat curry and rice together. But, it was so fun.

Motoki I heard that today is a housemate’s birthday and you have a birthday party. Are you going to join it?

Jing: Of, course. This is the second time for me. I am really looking forward to it.

4) About Your Future

Motoki: What do you want to do in the future?

Jing: In the future, after I graduate from my German university, I want to work for a German company in Japan such as Mercedes-Benz because I don’t want to keep living in same country. As you know, I studied their languages, so I want to use them. Basically, I want to work in Japan and sometimes I want to go back Germany and China.

Motoki: While you are in Japan, what do you want to do?

Jing: I want to go to Okinawa because I like seafood and beach. So, next vacation I am planning to go there with my friends. Moreover, After I get used to Japanese, I am planning to look for an internship in the last semester. But, actually it is difficult to find a company which wants to hire me. So, I'll do my best.

Through this interview, I realized that she enjoys her shard house’s life even though it has been only a month because this shared house is an amazing place and has very nice and kind people. When she doesn’t know how she says something in Japanese, other housemates help her. Therefore, if you are looking for a good shared house, you should live in this wonderful shared house. Anyway, please check it out. The information of this shared house is put below.

5) Information

Share House DATA

HouseFirst House Mizonokuchi 100+b
Rent60,000~63,000 yen
Utility cost12,000 yen
Number of rooms40 rooms
AccessDenentoshi Line "Mizonokuchi"station 13 minutes walk