A shared house which you shouldn't live in

*above image for illustration purposes only

There used to be lots of elaborate and nice shared houses as you see on the TV. But recently, there are law-evading shared houses which are too small to be legally rented out. These houses are registered as a rental warehouse or rental office on the surface, but used as a shared house in actual.

You might be in a trouble if you don’t know about it before moving in.
In order not to happen that, I would like to tell you 4 things that you should check before making a contract.

1 Law-evading house

Have you ever heard the word “law-evading house” which I mentioned in the beginning?? It is in a legal gray areas, doesn’t have a clear definition. But It has some specific characteristics.

Doesn’t have a window in a room
They say it is a rental office which is available 24hrs
Too small or less rooms for the number of residents
Each room is too small

Like these, the structure of law-evading house is different from general shared house.

A room in a law-evading house is about 3.5㎡, doesn’t have a window and has a low ceiling. We definitely don’t recommend you to live in such a bad environment.

2 Synthetic cannabis, law-evading drugs and drugs

It rarely happens that roomies are in the habit of smoking drugs.

They often don’t recognize that it is illegal, smoke it in the living room shamelessly. They put drugs in the living room for sharing in the past.

Such a kind of bad environment have made some people drug addict before. It is difficult to quite drugs once you start to smoke even if it is only one time. Please pay attention to what I mentioned in this paragraph.

3 Multi-level marketing system

The trouble related to Multi-Level marketing happens well in the place where people come and get together such as university, workplace and club. These environment promotes to create a new relationship, especially in shared house, people easy to get closer because they live together, which is going to be the reason for hotbed of this kind of trouble.
If one of the residents is working on a multi-level marketing, they ask others to join it with high probability. In the past, the number of people who starts to do a multi-level marketing has been increasing and they talked who might have an interest in what they do among the residents. If they always talk about it in the living room, it makes you feel bad and difficult to make communication with them even if you decline their offer.
This kind of environment will make you in a trouble of money and human relationship. Please make sure residents are not in a multi-level marketing system.

4 Religion

Believing in their religion is not a bad thing. There are Malicious religions among these. They sometimes live together and try to make other residents be their member.

How to figure out a shared house which shouldn’t live in

The shared houses what I mentioned above is not right place to live. But how do we distinguish these and good one. Our answer is checking service quality of management company, a caretaker is stationed or not and atmosphere of house.
Management company might neglect to manage their house, which makes bad environment for residents. If they manage properly, they try to keep service quality of their house by setting the passing line of screening high or adding a content related to religion and multi-level marketing to prohibitions of contract. If you are still worried about these, you should live in a shared house which has stationed caretaker. This is because, they always check what residents do.
And the most important thing is visiting there. As I mentioned before, they put their drug in the living room and even smoke if they usually do. you can feel something different atmosphere from other house.

Not so as to be in such a trouble, you should check these things before making contract.