Noise pollution in a shared house

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Want to try shared life, but still worry about something… If you are anxious about noise pollution, unfortunately we need to say it happens well.

You cannot be away from this problem if you are sharing house with somebody. Among them, noise pollution seems to be one of the common trouble.

Well, what kind of noise problem we have usually. I’ll give you some explain about it and a step.


I’ll introduce some examples which happens actually in a shared house.

1 Noise comes from daily life

Speaking of noise pollution, you might imagine noisy party or something like that. But most common one occurs in daily life. I am going to explain below.

The sound of opening and closing door
The sound of going up stairs
Doing laundry at midnight
Using hair dryer forever

Besides, for dormitory, you might be put off by loud snore of roomy. If you are sensitive person, you can not sleep well.

2 Talking on the phone

Needless to say the case of dormitory, in case of single room you might be put off by voice on the phone. There are people who talk on the phone with a speaker mode and talk loudly in a living room. Sometimes it is true that people do not understand how loud they speak when they concentrate on talking on the phone. And it might cause such a noise problem.

3 Alarm clocks

This problem happens a lot in shared house. If neighbor is not morning person, alarm will be ringing for a while. And if neighbor set their alarm snooze mode, the alarm will literally never stop forever. If it happens on weekends, you might feel so bad.

4 Event

This noise problem happen well not only in a shared house, also in a general rent. We usually invite friends and do a game for fun. In a shared house, we sometimes throw a party in a living room and make some noise. If you are a part of them, it doesn’t matter. But, you are not, can you be a patient??


1 Sound proof

To avoid a noise problem, you should live in a house which has a high quality sound proof. Reinforced concrete construction can give it a sound insulation. And even if it was made out of wood, you don’t need to worry about sound if sound the wall and cell has sound proof sheets. You can ask about it to staff during visiting there before live.

Also, you need to make sure they have some rule for sound pollution.

Such as… Do not use hair dryer in a room
Do not do laundry after 11pm
Do not enter a living room after 12am

Like this, there are some various types of rule for sound. You need to choose your style.

2 Life style

Sound pollution doesn’t happen well if you and your roomie’s life style are same. But actually, not everyone the same. You need to understand your roomie’s life style to some extent.

You might be a sensitive. People tend to care about the sound which they didn’t care about when they live with their family. In that case, you need to try to be a patient more.

3 Communication

You can care about others if they are your friend. Also, you can tell them about sound problem directly by having communication with them.

4 Shut out the sound by ear phone

There is a way to shut out the sound. You don’t fight over sound problem and this is a very easy way to solve it.

5 Asking staff

You can get a help as soon as you ask them if they are good company. They alert all of residents not to make noise too much, or add effective rule for that. If you are put off by nose problem for long time, you should ask them.

How was it?? There are noise pollution in anywhere. But in a shared house, you can find somebody who make annoying sound. You are sharing house with them, so you can tell them this problem directly and you can solve it without any help. Different from general rent, residents can come to compromise each other. This might be the most useful way to solve such a problem.