The Rules in a shared house

*above image for illustrative purposes only

For keeping house with others, the most important thing is house rule. As school has their own rule, rule will work to control people who belong to their community not to make any troubles. For same reason, Owner or Management Company usually sets rules.

Let me explain what kind of rules we have.


Do not leave private staffs in a shared space
Do not leave television or air conditioner turn on
Do not make a noise at midnight
Put their name on reservation sheets for television
Do not fell asleep in a living room


Write your name when you want to keep your staff in a fridge
Do not use dishes as yours
Wash dishes right away after using
Clean up a sink after using
Take out the trash in turn
Do not leave foods you’ve cooked
Do not leave rice cooker which has rice in it


Do not waste toilet paper
Clean up bathroom after using
Do not use washing machine after 11pm
Do not take a shower after 11pm
Air out the bathroom after taking a shower
Take a shower within 30 minutes
Do not run a bath-tab
Take a shower as reservating


Put your shoes in a shoe box, but 5 only
Put umbrella in umbrella stand or bring it back your room
Lock the door when you out
Do not make copy of key


Do not invite a male friend (in case of women-only shared house)
Do not let your friend or family stay at your room
Let other residents know when your friend stay at your room
Visiting is okay but staying is not allowed
Receive parcel at the entrance


Do not do business
No-smoking in a building
Do not keep a pet
Do not tell anyone a key number

There are various types of rule by house, most of them are what we usually do without paying attention. So they don’t bother you. But some of them are not, such as about rules of visitors and washing machine. You need to check their rule in advance.


There are some people who do not follow the rules, which will be a bad influence on other residents. People who do not care about other residents are getting increase, then might get stressed.

As explained above, all of residents need to follow rules. But if there is a person who don’t obey rules, what should we do??

The first thing you need to do is asking Management Company about a problem. You can tell them to obey rules face to face. But it might be a trouble.

Management Company will caution them to follow rules through e-mail. Still not improved, giving them a warning sheet. In the worst case, let them move out.

If you do not follow house rules, you will give others bad impression and might need to move out. You should check house rule before moving in.