A Bathroom in a shared house

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In a shared house, you share a kitchen, a living room and a bathroom.

There is no big difference of a toilet and a sink in each shared houses. However, a bathroom is different. First, we are going to explain various types of bathroom. After that, we will explain a rule of a bathroom in a shared house.

A bathroom with a bathtub

This is the same as a normal house. There is a general type of a bathroom on the 1st floor or each floors.

If there are many people who want to take a bath, you probably wait long for that person. Moreover, the size of bathtub is various. For example, you can extend your legs and you have to sit on the floor, hugging your knees to your chest.

A shower room

This is just a shower room. And, there are two types. First, it costs 100 JPY for 30 minutes. Second, it is for free. Moreover, in some shared houses that are available for male and female, a shower room is separated by male and female, while male and female share same shower room.

A bathroom with a bathtub and a shower room

There is a bathroom with a bathtub on the 1st floor and a shower room on the another floor.

Many shared houses are renovated from a normal house and an apartment, so an original bathroom is left and a shower room is made according to the number of room. In this house, when you want to take just a shower, you use a shower room. On the other hand, when you want to relax, you take a bath.

A large public bath

Some large shared houses have this kind of bath. Moreover, there is a small bathroom and a shower room.

Even you are in home, you feel you are in a bathhouse. Also, it becomes opportunity to communicate with a housemate, so you are so chilled.

However, it is hard to manage a large public bath, so it is going to be high management fee.

A private room with a bathroom

A social apartment and a share apartment has a private room with a bathroom, so you do not share it with someone. This is same as a normal apartment. You can take a bath whenever you want. However, you have to clean a bathroom by yourself.

Rule of a bathroom in a shared hosue

There are rule when you share a bathroom and a shower room. We are going to explain the three biggest rule.

1 Do NOT put your own stuff

It is banned to put your stuff in common place. Of course, it includes a bathroom, so you have to put a shampoo and a conditioner in your room and an assigned place.

You don’t think that you want to bring your stuff every time, but a bathroom keeps clean because of that.

2 Limited time

You don’t use a shower room if you have to pay to use it. However, if it is for free, you can use it as long as you want. Therefore, someone might use it long.

To avoid that, there is limited time. Generally, 15 or 30 minutes for a person.

3: Order

Many people want to take a bath same time. So, some shared houses decide a order to take a bath fairly.

Life in a shared house is not living by yourself, so consideration of others is important. Therefore, you should check how many people share a bathroom and shower room and what kind of rule there is before moving in.