Storage in shared house

*above image for illustration purposes only

“Shared house doesn’t have plenty of space for storage”

Many people have such a kind of impression for a shared house. It is said that shared house has less storage in comparison with 1 room or 1K. Some of these has enough storage same as or more than 1 room, but these are not common for now. It is Okay for people who move out of a family house for less luggage, but people who used to live in a 1 room has a lot of luggage. They might need more space for it.

Then, how much space dose a general shared house have?? And what kind of storage do they have?? I am going to tell you about it.

Main Space for storage

In a shared house, we have these for storage except private room.
Laundry room
Shoe box
Storage room

Size is different depending on each house, but I’m going to explain typical room type and averages size.


Private storage is going to be a main space for each of residents. In a room, we generally has a closet, box, hanger rack and storage under a bed. If there are a fixed closet, you don’t need to worry about luggage, but it’s usually not, like picture below.

Closet is mostly occupied by clothes. If you have coat or jacket a lot, you should choose room with wide closet. But if it’s not, you can put your staff in a storage under your bed as well.


If you cook well, you might care storage in a kitchen. Size differs with houses. They arranged a big shelf and give some space to each residents in a small to medium scale house. Like below.

Instead of giving space, Management Company arranged seasoning or dishes for sharing.

In a large-scale house, it has plenty of space. Some of them has even pantry.


We are happy if there are space for staff we use every day such as shampoo, treatment, and cleansing. It usually has a private box or shelf for these.

Or there might be storage around wash stand for cleansing or toothbrush.


You should check this space is big enough for your shoes, or you need to take these back your room every time. It can mainly be divided in 3 types. Type 1 is a large shoe box without partition, and you can put limited number of shoes there. Type 2 is a large shoe box with partition by room. Type 3 is one small shoe box for each residents.

Shoes are so bulky item. We tend to choose house with large shoe box.


Some shared house has storage room. You can put away big staff like golf item or snowboard. We usually put away staff which we usually don’t use not to be taken up room space. Besides this, some has storage room only for trolley suitcase.

Make sure how much luggage you have and you want to keep. Then choose a house which has enough space for your luggage. But recently, minimalism or simple life is getting infiltrating into our life. This can be a chance to start simple life.