Security in a shared house

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When you choose a house, especially woman tends to care about security at most. But, if you give weight to security system, rent is going to rise and ends up compromising from necessary.

For them, we recommend living in a shared house. This is because, it is said that shared house generally possess high security system. Moreover, rent is relatively cheaper than averages.

Well, I’m going to give you an information about security system of general shared house.

Security Around Entrance

It can be a reason to relief if entrance has a good security system. There are some facilities of security around entrance below.

Self-locking system

It is called auto-lock in Japan. (Automation lock) There are various types of key such as metal key, password and card key. If the door is locked, no one but residents can enter. This is the most famous type of security.

Security camera

Management Company which gives weight to security regularly sets up a security camera. Then place monitor at living room or entrance and we can watch it anytime. (Sometimes, only Management Company can watch it)
In these days, security camera are being sold for household with reasonable price. So, shared house which has security camera in it tends to increase more and more from now.

Intercom with monitor

There is various types of intercom in shared house. There is an intercom at each room There is an intercom at each floor There is an intercom at living room

Depends on operating company, an intercom is placed differently, but, shared house mostly has intercom.

Home security service

We quite often hear this word “Home security” recently. This service is provided by security firm and when we are in trouble such as robbery and trespassing, security firm gives us a security guard. But this service will cost a lot if you want it with regular apartments. But shared house may have this service and it is usually included in rent, so you can take this service with reasonable price.

Apartment caretaker (manager)

Apartment usually has their caretaker, but if you want to have them, you need to pay a lot same as home security service. This is true of shared house as well, only big scale house tends to have their caretaker.

Security Around Room

Regular apartment has only key rock at entrance door. But in case of shared house, not only that, each room has rock. We tend to have an image like “Shared house doesn't have private space”, but it does. ( except dormitory type )

There are 4 types of room

1 Metal key
General type. Insert a key into keyhole and lock or unlock it.

2 dial-style
Common type for shared house. Input designated number and lock or unlock it.

3 Number-style
Almost same as dial style. Just form is different. This type of key is locked automatically sometimes when you close the door.

4 Card-style
This type also has automatic rock system. Some shared house can be opened their entrance and room with same card.

Surely, each room has own key and it works to make a private space and safety, but there is one point which you need to care about. You need to make sure that key is changed every time when residents switches. In case of regular apartment, we should pay for cost of changing key when we move out. but in case of shared house, usually key isn't changed when residents move out. At the worst, ex-residents can come in the room without permission. To prevent this, you should make sure room key has been changed and collected. Or number has been changed.

Security by Residents

This is unique security system of shared house. In shared house, some of residents almost always stay at home and being monitored by somebody. So this can contribute to make security level higher in comparison with regular apartment. And when it happens earthquake or in a trouble, if somebody is with you, it can make your feel better than being alone.

In these days, a stalking-murder case or robbery case targeting women who lives alone happens well. We know that some of them moves to shared house to long for its good security. Actually, we have several countermeasures for such a crime. For example, we can ask men to be guard when we back home, or we back home together from station. These are unique security which only we can offer. As for security, Management Company also pay attention a lot. For example, they alert to information about suspicious person and ask residents give them a notice when they invite their friends in the case of robbery.

Not only having a good security, also we care about resident’s feeling. Shared life will give you a peaceful life.