Before making a contract

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There are many facilities in a shared house. In order to lead a comfortable life, you should check all facilities before making a contract and cover what you need to bring.

We are going to explain what you should check by each area.

Living room

・Is a living room tidy?

・Is a living room easy to communicate between a resident?

・Is smell not bad?

・Does nobody put a private stuff in a living room?


・Is a refrigerator shared with a resident? Is each space separated?

・Is inside of a refrigerator tidy?

・Is there no thing to wash in a sink?

・Is a dish equipped?

・Is garbage through away?

・Is a sponge to wash a dish equipped? Is a detergent replenished?

Private room

・What kind of furniture is equipped?

・Is there outlet for TV?

・How much storage is there?

・Is a curtain equipped?

・No scratch? No mold?

・Is internet connection good?

Bathroom, Toilet and Laundry

・Is there a toilet paper?

・Does it keep clean?

・Is the number of them enough for all residents?

・Is there a hair dryer?

・Is time to take a bath limited?

・Is a washing machine and a shower for free?


・How large is a shoe box?

・Is there a place to put an umbrella?

・Is a shoe put away in a show box?

・Is there a parking lot for a car and a bike?

・Is there a private mail box?

・Is there an intercom with a screen? Is it a private one or not?

Other Things

・Is there a stuff to clean a shared house?

・Is there an iron?

・How is a garbage through away?

・Does a cleaning company come to clean a house? or Does a resident clean a house by themselves?

If you miss to check these points before moving, you may lead an uncomfortable life. Therefore, it is important to confirm these points before moving.

If you have a shared house you are interested in, please imagine how you live there and check everything.