Ueno Machiya

Living with nature and "Tokyo Skytree"


You can see "Tokyo Skytree" with trees deep-blue over there of window of the living. From "Iriya" station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line a 2-minute walk. A 9-minute walk from "Uguisudani" station on the Yamanote Line.In addition, it is an area on foot from Ueno Station.It is six minutes directly in Tokyo Station. Furthermore it is direct to "Yurakutyo","Shinagawa","Shinjuku","Roppongi","Ebisu"station.So it is easy to access the downtown area. The very luxurious share house where there are many elements which are attractive is opening! The house is beautiful by fashion, and even the security is OK. There are a supermarket and the convenience store in the outskirts including a mall, too and can enjoy a walk with convenience leisurely on a holiday. Please see a real building once by all means.

Room InformationRoom Information


Deposit 30,000 yen and we repay 20,000 yen and remaining 10,000 yen is Cleaning charge.

Access InformationAccess Information

Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line "Iriya"station   2 minutes walk
Each Line "Uguisudani"station   9 minutes walk


Management InformationManagement Information

Cleaningthe room will be cleaned once a week
Rulesfriends are permitted to stay(must inform other residents in advance)
must take turns disposing the garbage in the living room.
No male allowed in the house
SmokingNo smoking is allowed inside

Equipment InformationEquipment Information

Private roomCloset, Air conditioning,Curtain,bed, chair,desk,light
Living roomTV, Air conditioning,table,Blu-ray,Sofa, Common PC
Kitchen2 Microwave ovens, A Fridge,Electric kettle, Gas stove, Rice cooker,Tableware,Kitchen utencil, Toaster
(w/bath tub)
bathroom×1,shower room×2
ToiletWestern-style toilet×4
Washing machinewasher dryer×1 (free of charge)
PostboxCommon post
InternetOptical fiber
ParkingFor Bicycles

Comment from usComment from us

admin company person 'Cleanliness' and 'safety' of the building are the key. We have been emphasizing "space" to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Thanks to supports from many residents who helped us develop share houses to more than 50 places in Tokyo to the present day. Our firm, we run clean, safe, and comfortable share houses around Tokyo.
We, Fine Select, support the 'share life' of people who are seeking a turning point in their life. This may be the right time for you to live in a share house. We hope you encounter many new experiences living in a share house.


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Sex * Male Female
Age * ~20 21~25 26~30 31~35 36~40
41~45 46~50 51~
PC mail *
Mobile mail
You live now * Living alone (Apartment / Flat) Family home
Share house Room Share
Domitory / corporate housing Other
Date of move * Within 2 weeks Within 1 month
Within 3 months Within 6 months
Inquiry *
Not available Women only
49,800~64,800 yen
Utility cost:10,000 yen
Deposit:30,000 yen
Number of rooms:17 rooms
Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line "Iriya"station   2 minutes walk
Each Line "Uguisudani"station   9 minutes walk
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Living with nature and "Tokyo Skytree"
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