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Share Residence Tamapura-za

A high class residence!


This is a high class residence house. There are a stylish living room and multipurpose studios! You can take dance and dram lessons with staying in this house.
"Tamapura-za" is really popular area! We promise you can enjoy comfortable and meaningful life! Please feel free to contact us.

Room InformationRoom Information


Administrative fee 20,000 yen, Cleaning fee 20,000 ~30,000 yen, Fire insurance 8,000 yen.

Access InformationAccess Information

Denentoshi Line "Tamaplaza"station   7 minutes walk
Shieichikatetsu Line "Azamino"station   8 minutes walk


Management InformationManagement Information

CleaningThe room will be cleaned 5 times in a week
RulesFriends are permitted to stay(must inform other residents in advance)
SmokingNo smoking is allowed inside

Equipment InformationEquipment Information

Private roomAir conditioning,Curtain,Bed,closet,Chair, Desk,Light,Key
Living roomTV, Air conditioning,Dining sets,Sofa,Fireplace,Beer Server
KitchenMicrowave oven, Electric kettle,GAS stoves,Rice cooker, Fridge,Kitchen utencil
(w/bath tub)
Bathroom×1 Showerroom×7
ToiletWestern-style toilet×10
Washing machineWashing machine×8 Dryer×2
PostboxPrivate post
InternetOptical fiber
ParkingFor Bicycle For Bike
OtherFitness room,Terrace,pool,piano,Flight Simulator,Basketball

Comment from usComment from us

admin company person “Where do you live?” “Whom do you live with?”
You can choose from various alternatives. Especially, whom do you “share” your room is very important for you. And it experience will give you a big chance in your future. Our company manages “Residence share series” This series are comparatively large articles. Most of tenants are adult and the ratio of men and women is 1 to 1. There are lots of foreigners who came from English language regions so you can enjoy English conversation. In addition, you can join SNS group for the exclusive use of tenants. It will help you remember the other tenants’ names and face right away. “Share designer’s college (in Tama plaza)” is used of shooting such as NHK and television commercials. Some tenants are work at a IT company or a design company. Others are work as a freelancer or a musician. One of the tenants made major debut in 2012. Our company also manages “Antique series” and “DIY renovation”. Please be excited about our new share houses. We are getting up new plans such as “Cafeteria & Share”, “Barrier free & Share”, “LGBT & Share”. Please feel free to ask us!


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Sex * Male Female
Age * ~20 21~25 26~30 31~35 36~40
41~45 46~50 51~
PC mail *
Mobile mail
You live now * Living alone (Apartment / Flat) Family home
Share house Room Share
Domitory / corporate housing Other
Date of move * Within 2 weeks Within 1 month
Within 3 months Within 6 months
Inquiry *
Available Male,Female
32,800~54,800 yen
Utility cost:14,800 yen
Deposit:Several expenses
Number of rooms:65 rooms
Denentoshi Line "Tamaplaza"station   7 minutes walk
Shieichikatetsu Line "Azamino"station   8 minutes walk
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